Jurni Features

  1. Strong Structure

    Supports up to 220lb (100kg) seating load.

  2. Removable Pod

    Durable composite plastic pod with splashproof seal and quick access button!

  3. Inline & Pull Along Wheels

    Custom designed skate wheels with smooth gliding ball bearings.

  4. Convenient Access

    Open in tight spaces or in upright mode.

  5. Flexible Shelf

    2 position points, including secret storage or a shelf.

  6. Additional Storage

    Elastic lacing holds documents.

  7. Telescopic Handle

    Easy-lift, non-locking handle makes pulling along a breeze.

  8. Padlock Fixing Point

    Keep your belongings extra safe.

  9. Scuff Board

    Hard wearing, designed to take the impact of frequent travelling.

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