What Kind of Traveller Are You?

We’re well and truly into the summer holiday season! Every year, we get fixated on where we want to jet off to, scanning travel blogs for ideas and lusting after holiday snaps.

Nothing makes us more happy than to chat holidays here at Jurni, all in the name of research, obviously, and we’ve noticed that we all vary on what we define as the perfect holiday. 

For some (mad) folk, this might mean strapping GoPros to their chests and hiking adrenalin inducing trails. For others, holiday miles might be clocked up getting lost in maze of streets and their rush coming from the buzz of a city. When it comes to booking something, knowing what you like will help carve out the perfect vacation.


If you are not quite sure what holiday camp you sit in, take our quiz below and find out what type of traveller you are.

**Take note of the number from each of your answers, and we will tell you what type of traveller you are at the end**

1) Sleep, the one thing all travellers have in common. But where’s your favourite place to rest your head and park your luggage?

  1. Hotel or villa, so long as there is a pool and a beach nearby
  2. Loft apartment or high-rise hotel, situated right in the middle of the buzz
  3. Whatever I can get for the night. Even a hammock on the beach would be cool
  4. Accommodation is functional. As long as it is near the action
  5. Cabin or canvas, but the real roof over my head is the stars or tree canopies above me

2) You’ve just arrived at your destination, but never mind the jet-lag, you are more than ready to start …?

  1. Identifying the sun lounger that will become known as my spot for the next week or so
  2. Quizzing the hotel staff on the top spots to visit and getting a city pass and museum tickets
  3. My favourite activity is travelling, all other activities fall into place as I go along
  4. Talking to the local adrenalin junkies to find out what the score is
  5. Booking onto guided walks or planning my own trails, and buying provisions

3) When hunger comes a-knocking, where will you be heading for your holiday food?

  1. I’ll take a table at a restaurant overlooking the sea
  2. I want to try all the signature dishes at recommended places, booking in advance if needed
  3. I love interacting with the local street food and market vendors that I meet along the way
  4. Anywhere. I’ve built up a massive hunger from the calories I’ve burnt. I may end up eating my arm if we don’t choose soon
  5. Eating around a campfire and toasting marshmallows for good measure. Food tastes better in the great outdoors

4) Holidays can last as little or as long as you want (or at least, as long as your pennies do). How many vacation days do you like to mark in your calendar?

  1. At least a week. I need time to unwind, relax and let the sun work its magic
  2. A long weekend is normally enough. I want to take in all the main sights, but not run out of things to do
  3. I’m not sure what you mean. I have no fixed date
  4. Enough time to improve my skills
  5. It depends as I like to follow the natural timing of nature

5) You’ve already stored your holiday destination on your favourite weather appwhat forecast are you hoping to see on your screen?

  1. Sun, sun, sun. If I don’t come back with a tan then it’s not a real holiday
  2. Rain doesn’t bother me, I’m interested in seeing things not the sun
  3. I don’t care what the weatherman says…I’ll take it as it comes
  4. I’m on the hunt for the right weather conditions. I’ll give you a clue, SNOWboarding, WINDsurfing…
  5. I’d prefer weather not to interfere with me getting outdoors, but I understand that it’s all part of something bigger

6) There’s no point taking empty luggage with you on your travels, so what #holidaywardrobe will you be packing?

  1. Swimwear, flip-flops and every light weight item that I own but rarely use in the British summer
  2. Packing versatile items that take me from a day exploring to nights out
  3. Not much as I don’t want to weigh myself down, but I’ve picked up a great outfit from this souk
  4. If it’s padded or made of hi-tech material then it’s already in the bag
  5. These rather handy zip-off trousers that become shorts and my trusty waterproof

7) No one leaves a holiday without a reminder of their time away. What will you be bringing back?

  1. My suitcase full of sand and this mean tan I’m sporting
  2. A fridge magnet of a landmark, lots of ticket stubs, and bags of shopping
  3. The most amazing memories and this hand crafted fertility mask, or at least that’s what they said it was
  4. A few bruises, a couple of scratches, but some great GoPro footage of me nailing a jump before I fell
  5. A oneness with nature, amazing wildlife trivia, plus some finely honed map reading skills

8) Nothing reveals your travel style more than the snaps shared with the folk back home. What fills up your Instagram feed? 

  1. Hot dog legs, blue seas, white sand and stunning sunsets
  2. Me on a rooftop with city blurred lights in the background
  3. Easily mistaken for a National Geographic account, a feed that covers temples, landscapes, and local people
  4. Expect lots of me in the distance or sights viewed from daredevil angles
  5. Animals, landscapes and the amazing light shows our skies produce. I’m a master in capturing the essence of the natural world

9) Your suitcase is packed with your clothes and shoes, what’s other items can’t you live without on your holiday? 

  1. My essentials of sunglasses, towel, lotion and a good book to get into
  2. A list of top ten sights, a subway map and a blister kit
  3. I don’t need much, whatever extras I need I’ll pick up on the road
  4. Do kneepads, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits count as clothes?
  5. I’ve been known to pack 1 or 20 odd field guides and I always have a day sack

10) Travelling requires a bit of travelling to be honest. To get you around, what is your favourite mode of transport?

  1. The only transport I’ll be needing is a plane, that way I can always follow the sun
  2. My feet, kitted out in comfy but stylish flat shoes
  3. A campervan or public transport, just anything that provides flexibility
  4. The right kit for the challenge: kayak, ropes, mountain bike
  5. 4x4 or my booted feet, these will get me into the wilderness 

Drum roll…the results are in!

With our quiz at an end, don’t delay and tot up the scores for each letter to reveal your inner holiday self. 

Mostly 1's: Beach goer 

This sun worshipper packs a good book and sunscreen. The pool is bliss, but it isn’t a holiday unless there has been sand between the toes. The sun lounger might as well be your hotel bed with the amount of time you spend there. Reaching for your drink or the odd game of beach ball is about as energetic as you’ll get. 

Likely lurking places - In the clear waters of Croatia or the Caribbean, or heading out to the Canary Islands for Winter sun. 

Mostly 2's: City explorer

You won’t think twice of clocking up hours wandering through museums, people-watching and ticking off the must-see sights. You’ll even work in time for bit of shopping. But it’s a little bit more serious than this, the buzz of the city is what drives you, you’ll hunt out where the locals eat, and leave no street unexplored. You don’t just visit, you want to momentarily know what it feels like to live there. 

Likely lurking places - Find these city slickers doing the café rounds in Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Rome and New York. 

Mostly 3's:  Wandering soul

You’ll go with the flow, you’re not tied down to times or places. You’ve booked a ticket and packed your guide book, and you are ready to let the journey unfold at its own pace. Going off the beaten package tourist track, you’ll be discovering as much about yourself as the places you stumble across and the people you meet.

Likely lurking places - Hopping on a train as they head off Interrailing to discover every nook of Europe, or disappearing into the backpacker sunset of South-East Asia.

Mostly 4's: Action addict

A quick look at your luggage will reveal you’re not the average holiday maker. If you haven’t packed some sort of specialist gear then quite frankly you haven’t packed at all. Sitting still is the opposite to what you seek on holiday. Whether it is extreme sports or venturing off into the wilderness, you’re up for a challenge.

Likely lurking places - Where there’s snow, waves, gorges, mountains - you the get the picture - to conquer, you’ll be there. Take the Alps, most see a beautiful landscape, you’ll see a gnarly downhill bike trail.

Mostly 5's: Nature lover

Flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes are what you surround yourself with on holiday. You’ve mapped out all the nature reserves, and think nothing of camping out to hear that early morning birdsong. If it happens to rain, snow or shine, you’ll suck it up as it is all part of the charm.

Likely lurking places - Dressed in khaki in the highlands and islands of Scotland, or spotting the big five on safari in Kenya. You’ll even brave the cold to capture a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Iceland. 

Perhaps you are none or more than one of the above. Either way we’d love to hear what kind of traveller you are. Let us know in the comments below.


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