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Recently, Rebecca from Right Up My Street took to the skies once more to embark on the Jurni Souvenir challenge!

We love seeing all the weird and wonderful souvenirs and local goodies that our bloggers bring back from their travels - the world is full of diverse cultures and customs, and we like to give our followers a snapshot of these!...So without further-a-do, this is what Rebecca found:

Rebecca: 'When travelling around South Africa most of the tourist destinations like the Panoromic Route, are covered in cute little shacks with locals looking to sell their handmade goodies.

'I was keen to buy from the locals as I knew I would be able to give something back and help with their local trade etc. After all, they do spend hours on end (mostly in the heat) hand-crafting these beautiful replicas of the south african wildlife.'

'On my travels I managed to pick up a family of south african wildlife - a giraffe, a hippo, a elephant and a rhino, I was almost there with the big five only a leopard, lion and buffalo to go!'

Not bad for a £50 budget hey! You can read the full blog post here - Right Up My Street - She is also running a Jurni giveaway, so make sure you don't miss out!



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