The Jurni Blogger Competition!

Are you a Travel Blogger?

If the answer is yes...then you are in the right place! This is the Jurni Blogger Competition, where bloggers go head-to-head for their chance to win two great prizes...our first-stage prize, a Jurni suitcase, and our grand prize of a GoPro camera & Handler stick!

How is this competition going to work?

The competition is in two stages. The first stage requires you, as a blogger, to write and submit a 250 word blog post. Our five favourite entries will win the first stage prize - a Jurni suitcase:

The second stage requires these five winners to take a selection of creative pictures that include their newly won Jurni...and our favourite selection will win the Jurni Blogger Competition, and get their hands on a GoPro camera:

How long do you have? 

The first stage of the competition has started today (18th of August), and will run for three weeks, ending on the 9th of September.

The five winners will then have a further three weeks to receive their Jurni and take their photograph selection - meaning the final date for the competition will be the 30th of September!

How do you enter?

To enter the first stage, write your blog entry on your own blog, and post the link in the comments of this article - our comments require moderation, and we will approve the submissions as they come in, so don't worry if your submission doesn't appear immediately.

If you are a first stage winner, then entering the second stage is equally as simple - wait for your Jurni prize to arrive, then take a selection of creative images that include your Jurni & submit them to us via social media.

We will then choose our favourite selection, and that blogger will win the final GoPro and Handler stick prize! 

What are we looking for?

Blog Entries: 

We are looking for a 250 word blog entry on one of the three following topics:

1) Favourite memory from travelling - we all know that seeing the seven wonders of the world is incredible, but think outside the box, do you have any special unique experiences you can share?
2) Funniest memory from travelling - You must have many funny memories from your experiences travelling the world, tell us about your favourite one! 
3) Most eventful journey - When you travel, you travel. Tell us about the most eventful journey, good or bad, you have undertaken whilst traveling - a 12 hour train ride? a 2 day delay on flights? Let us know! 

and just so you know...we aren't going to be to strict on the 250 word limit, if its a bit more or less then no problem - its the quality of the content we are interested in! 

Photograph Selection: 

If you are a winner of the first stage, then to enter the second stage, all you need to do is photograph your new Jurni! Bonus points for highlighting its features and functionality, or doing something a bit different...

The maximum number of photographs is up to you, but we ask a minimum of three photographs are submitted via social media...either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that is up to you! 

We will select our favourite submission and that blogger will win our grand prize...So there is no time to lose, get submitting! 


Terms & Conditions:

  • UK entries only
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over
  • Competition closes at midnight on the 9th of September (1st Stage), and the 30th of September (2nd stage)
  • The winners will be notified by email the following day each stage ends
  • Winners of stage one will have 2 days to respond, should they not respond we will select a different winner 
  • The final winner of stage two will have 7 days to respond after which time we reserve the right to select an alternative winner
  • There are no cash or other prize alternatives available in whole or in part. We reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value in the event of unavailability of the intended prizes

User Comment(s)

  • Pharmb136 on

    Hello!online pharmacy cialis

  • Jessica on

    My blog post is all about a disastrous journey to Germany… I hope you enjoy reading it more than I did experiencing it!

  • Becky Christensen on

    Here is a link to our blog post – a funny little poem. Take us on a Jurni!

  • Dulcie H on

    Hands down my most eventful journey has to be last year travelling up a winding mountain path to a festival in remote Bulgaria, bundled into the back of an old post office van with six of my mates and only one door held on with a bungee cord… there was a smell of burning for most of the journey and suddenly a huge bang and the tyre exploded!!

  • Laurie Beattie on

    My favourite memory when travelling was not on the other side of the world, but a 6 hour train journey from Scotland to Surrey where I worked on an RSPB reserve:

  • Stephanie myers on

    Here is my blog post and entry.

  • Candide Weekes on

    Well, my favourite memory travelling, was when we went to Australia with our 2 months son ! That’s when we discovered Trunki and since then, we still love it ! Here is the link to my post :

  • Mrs Lighty on

    As we’ve just returned from our first family holiday abroad, here’s my entry for category 1) best memory from travelling:

  • Mrs Lighty on

    We’ve just returned from our first family holiday abroad, so here’s my entry for category 1, all about our favourite holiday memories when travelling with your child:

  • Nadia Ponzini on

    Favourite memory from travelling.
    Rome, what a place , the history, the culture, the summer heat( maybe August isn’t the best time to visit- 36degrees++)
    But bring on the gelato’s – now I understand why Italians make amazing icecream !!

    So much to see and do. If you have the time I would highly recommend a tour of the forums and the Colosseum, however if your pushed for time, visit The Time Elevator, story of 2000years of Rome in 3D in 45 minutes.

    I was expecting romantic lighting in St Peters square at dusk but it turned out to be a display of what seemed to be brightly coloured fireflies, but in reality it was the many many elastic toys bee img thrown up in the air by street traders.

    Finish the night off with a stroll at the Trevi fountains and an icecream on the Spanish steps. If the kids are still not tired after visiting this amazing city, get them to count the steps !!!!
    Please leave space in your suitcase for shopping ( and space in your credit card)
    Good luck if shopping with kids !!!

  • Angharad on

    Here is the link to my blog post as an entry under topic 1, favourite memory from travelling:

  • Deeptha D on

    Here is the link to my entry –

  • Debbie | An Organised Mess on

    My post in category c) an eventful journey – and overcoming a perceived fear of flying –

  • Kate White on

    My post is about my most eventful journey. It’s called ‘Driving Miss Daisy’…

  • jodie Brampton on

    My funniest and horrid memory was when we went to Malta as a big family holiday there was 25 of us went and we went all incisive and had a snack place open till midnight night and every night one of us went to the place to order at 11.00 ish and ordered 25 cheese and ham toastys and 25 hot chocolates . But the worst thing of that hol was I was eating my breakfast and asked the waitress for tea and as she pored my tea she poored the hot coffee down my back I had to have the doctor out who dressed and treated it and then said it was fine carry on in the pool and sea and that I got home to England and I had to go to hospital and have it checked as in pain and it was a second daggry burn and should not of gone in water as I was in so much pain when I got back thay said it had got a bit infected and I had to have it dressed quite a few times .it was about the size of a centre meter ruler long and 4 centimeters wide .i had to put in a complete and got some compensation money from the company but I just wanted to complain so it did not happen again really . I recovered well and was scared for bit but ok now i fly again

  • Ellen Saeeed on

    Our Most eventful journey -
    Just spent New Year in London for the first time Ever!! We booked in for a tourist weekend to see all the top attractions….Big Ben, London Eye, harrods, hamleys, Tower Bridge, Buckingham palace and so much more. I was actually 4Months+ pregant, besides the morning sickness and the weird smells setting me off…was very active.
    New Year celebrations watching the fireworks protecting the Baby Bump from the crowds…this trip was incredible and amazing. The Worse Event started in the Journey home! Making sure we got all our belongings and were in the correct seats, making sure we get the train home on time…with seconds to spare quickly got on the Train. This Train was joint over several, then there was an announcement for passengers to move forward as train will be splitting for rest of journey….we wasnt even sure if we was in the correct part to avoid the split or if we needed to move. We asked several people they wasnt sure either.
    We decided the best option was to move a few carriages ahead. In the heat of the moment and being pregant we move as quick as we could.
    Yes!! We was on the right Carriage with not long until we get to Birmingham to change our train for last time before we are home.
    As we arrived to Birmingham we do the MUST check under and above seats to make sure we have everything…check check doubled check….OH NO we realise there a important bag missing stuff we treated Our selves to and presents for Our Baby! We knew we checked nothing was left….then it hit us!! MUST have been left on the part of the train that split….decisions decisions….what do we do? Get on tbe train back and may get charged for not having a ticket? Leave it and forget about it? We both was extremely gutted they were our memories from London the Fun we had choosing this gifts. Husband decided if he goes back then if we have to pay another ticker be just one…..but he didnt want to leave me on my own being pregant. I did’t want him to go…me and where to get trains from not my best subject..get neverous. He asked me ‘you be oki, you know where u going’……‘yes..i be fine’…sadly smiled as he got on the train. Where do i go i thought, no idea dont really want to adventure on my own. Found a train going to our Town…was going to be 30mins, dont think it was the quickest train but i knew i can stay in one place and wait and get home safely. So cold texting Hudband if he oki…then our phones were dying Oh No …this can’t be happening! I texted my Dad to collect me from train station at a rough time quickly saying phone dying…please be there and wait if im not.
    I’m home phew! Dads there feeling safe again but worried about husband. Few hours later he arrives safely and Guess What! Yes with the missing Bag!! Ended on a postive.
    Remember before you move seats on any transport check and check….we do now. Xxxx

  • Cathy on

  • Nikita Clarke on

    My little travel blog.

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) on

    Here is my blog post as an entry to this competition =)


  • Odette Kellerman on

    My favourite memory abroad was when I got married on the beach in Kos. It was perfect in every way. We had family & friends with beautiful arrangements from the wedding planner who also read out our vows. Whilst doing this she got emotional and shed a tear of happiness.
    One of my very funny experience abroad was on my sons second birthday in Portugal. We took him down the beach to play and daddy took him in the sea. Daddy turned around to talk to me and a wave came and our son lost his footing tumbling him over. He just got up and spat out the water giving daddy an evil look and walked over to me saying “daddy did it”. A few minutes later daddy had to say sorry and he went back in the sea a happy little boy.
    My most eventful journey was traveling to USA to see my family and they would meet my little boy (who was going to be one yrs old a few days after our arrival) he traveled so well to the point that all other travelers commented on how they have never seen such a good boy. We also had a party for him with lots of Americans who were my families friends. Not knowing them but they were fantastic company and very nice to us even though they didn’t know us. The Americans are as genuine as they come.

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