Jurni Takes A Trip To Las Vegas!

Dom Dominique, the owner of travel, style and fashion blog Its A Style Thing has recently taken her Jurni to Las Vegas!

She writes:

"As you know I love a good holiday, trip, turn up, vacay whatever you call it, if it involves escaping the rush in London, I am involved. My most recent trip was to LAS VEGAS, I finally made it!!! Vegas has always been at the top of my travel list so when my friend Neh, who is also in my It’s a Style Thing Squad, decided it was the destination for her 30th birthday celebrations I couldn’t say no. I’ve been celebrating 30th birthdays for the last year, check out where the Squad have been here and here."

"I knew Vegas was going to be AMAZING so the levels had to be changed for this trip. I needed a whole new vibe and I started with my luggage, by now you should know I don’t do basic! It was a good day when I discovered Jurni, the ultimate carry-on case. The team behind Trunki (the children’s suitcase usually animal shaped on wheels) have got the adult version so right. The Jurni carry-on case is the only hand luggage you need because:

  • There are no zips so you won’t struggle to get your iPad and liquids out in the security line, simply push the door release buttons and it opens
  • It has a removable pod at the top which is great for storing your keys, phone charger, passport etc

  • There is a flexible shelf option so it can be packed like a cabinet and you can be super organized
  • The Jurni has inline and pull along wheels so it glides along smoothly 
  • It is hand luggage approved so you don’t have to worry about it being too big to carry on the plane

  • You can sit on it….SOLD!!!"

"On my way to Las Vegas I packed my iPad, some of my heavier sequin pieces, my gold ball shaped clutch bag, gifts for the birthday girl, toiletries to freshen up on that 10 hour flight, my jewellery and a few other bits. I even sat on my Jurni while we were waiting to board and it was easy to get my things out during the flight. This compact piece of luggage has changed my whole travelling experience, it is awesome.  It’s quite funny watching people trying to figure out where the pull along handle is because it’s super sleek and hidden away."

"My Jurni travelled in style with Virgin Atlantic from London to Las Vegas, had a limo ride from the airport to The Venetian hotel, wished me luck in the casino (when in Vegas…) and made it back home without a single scratch, skills!!!"


Dom Dominique is also giving away a Jurni to her audience, all you have to do is leave a comment on her original blog post, explaining why you need a Jurni! Don't miss out! 

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