Jurni is put through its paces - by Bronson the French Bulldog!

The Little Blog of Horrors always keeps us entertained - basically if we lived in Glasgow we would want to live blogger Ayden's life, it looks so cool. Plus we'd want her hair and her style AND now her dog!!

Ayden's French Bulldog, Bronson, recently acquired his very own Jurni for travelling (yes he is one lucky pooch). Ayden writes:

"Last weekend my Mum and Step Dad played puppy grandparents while I went off to be a bridesmaid for my bestie Heather. Being apart from him for only two nights was really strange, and I was worried sick making sure he had everything packed for his first overnight adventure.

"Pictured above is everything I needed to pack for Bronson's trip to my Mums. It may look like a lot, but puppies seem to need a lot of stuff! Food, treats, harness, lead, brush, toys, doggy bags, a blanket, puppy pads, and some wipes/shampoo/conditioner. The look on Pete's face when I spread this all out on the floor was priceless. Better to be over prepared, right? Pete's eyes rolled even more when he saw that Bronson had his very own suitcase for the trip. A Jurni for his journey!

"You'll probably have seen or heard of the kids ride on suitcases, Trunki? Well Jurni is essentially the grown up version of that, and is pegged as the ultimate suitcase for young travellers. We've got quite a few trips away booked for the second half of the year, including Singapore and Disneyland Paris, so when jurni isn't being used as my carry on luggage it's essentially Bronson's overnight bag (for a secret stellar reason, but you'll find out what that is soon...)"

Ayden (and Bronson) loved their Jurni suitcase, describing it as "small but mighty"!

"It has a separate top pod compartment, a moveable/removable inner shelf or secret storage, document holder and OF COURSE YOU CAN SIT AND RIDE ON IT - thanks to the custom designed skate wheels."

Onto the best bit though - Ayden has found the Jurni perfect as a portable (and wipe-clean) travel bed for Bronson!

Here's a picture of him using it as a bed. Which we just can't decide if is even cuter than the one of him sitting in front of his Jurni packed full of treats and food winking...

So, we don't think Jurni's designers necessarily took into consideration its use as a dog bed when they created it... but now we've seen it being used as one we can't wait to see more pets enjoying their Jurni. Share your pics with us on Facebook - we might even give a prize to our favourites :)

Talking of prizes, Little Blog of Horrors has one Jurni to give away to a lucky winner. Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter.

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