How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

Short-haul flights flash by in a blink of an eye. No sooner are you up and tucking into a pot of Pringles, then you are landing at your destination. But long-haul flights are a whole different story. Learning how to survive long flights requires skill.

The excitement of going somewhere can start to wear a bit thin by hour 5 of a flight. By hour 10, you might start to go cabin crazy if you haven’t prepped like a travel athlete. To get you started we’ve got some handy hints to help you reach the end goal, of arriving at that wonderful destination with your mind and body still intact.

Plane Yoga

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Sitting down for hours at a time might seem appealing, but even the most sedate amongst us can get bored adopting this position for too long. Getting up and stretching your legs is a good way to pass time, celeb spot, and get the blood pumping around the body.

In fact, inflight exercises are brilliant from a health point of view, and will combat any stiffness and the dreaded pins and needles. For the more active of you, try some in-flight exercises or even become an in-flight yoga instructor!

Eat. Drink. Fly.

Plane food can be limited and is often carb heavy, which after a long journey can leave you feeling sluggish on arrival. The best way to avoid eating bad food is to pack your own picnic. Graze
offer a great variety of different snacks, from fruit, nuts, veggie chips and healthy chocolate options for a treat.

What you drink matters too. Caffeine will cause dehydration and sugary drinks can contribute to that jet-lag feeling. We’d recommend reaching for a bottle of water to keep you hydrated on long-haul flights.

Entertain Yourself

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Committing to a long-haul flight involves handing over a huge chunk of time. You know it is going be worth it in the end, but that doesn’t stop you wanting to make sure time doesn’t drag.

The easy option is checking out the latest film releases, where there is generally something for everyone. If you’re a book fiend, then a flight is the perfect excuse to indulge this passion. Games more your thing? Then challenge your fellow travellers to a game of travel scrabble. For the more digitally minded out there, download some of the amazing games available for tablets and smartphones - we’re not talking Pokémon Go. Check out the addictive Alphabear or the beautifully designed Monument Valley.

Time will fly by, if you’ll excuse the pun, and before you know it, you’ll be preparing for landing.


Planes aren’t renowned for being the quietest places to sleep. Even if your travelling companions are as quiet as mice, there’s always the engine noises to interrupt your counting sheep. Given that working engines are quite a crucial part of flying, you are going to have explore alternatives to blocking that sound. Cue headphones. No, not the cheapo ones they hand out at the beginning of the flight, but wonderful noise cancelling headphones. You don’t even have to be listening to anything other than pure silence or bliss as we like to call it. Plug in, tune out, and get some rest.

Freshen Up

For you and your fellow passengers benefit it is worth packing a few toiletries to see you through a long-haul flight. Just make sure you stick to security guidelines in that no liquid containers should exceed 100ml and must be carried in a clear resealable 20x20cm bag. Muji, or your local Boots or Superdrug offer containers that you can decant your toiletries into. Some folk opt for full on facials mid-flight, pulling out the clay masks - check out Zoella’s in-flight essentials. You’ve definitely got time on your side to do that, but if you are more low maintenance and not sure what to pack, then we’d recommend some dry shampoo, a hair brush, cleansing wipes, deodorant, lip balm, and a travel toothpaste and tooth brush as a start.

Flight Faux Pas

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You may not be on first name terms with your neighbour, but you’re about to spend a long time in their company. To survive the duration of the flight, the best tactic is to employ some plane etiquette.

What’s that when it’s at home? This isn’t a case of which fork to use with each pre-sealed meal. This is making sure you’re not the one causing the turbulence at 35,000ft, and to help here’s a couple of pointers. Try avoiding using a stranger’s shoulder as a pillow, they do not want to share in your dribble. Do not, I repeat, do not take both armrests unless you are into elbow wars. If you want to master a few more tips, then check out this guide.

Take Your Seat

If you get the chance to pick your seat then take it! Although there really is no right or wrong place to sit, basically where you like to perch depends on your in-flight habits. Window seats are not for the fidgety. If you like to get up and explore often, then picking a window seat is quick route to becoming unpopular with your fellow passengers. But if you are a heads down, eyes shut until arrival flyer, then you can’t beat a window position to avoid interruptions to your snoozefest.

For the tall out there, unless your legs conveniently unscrew for overhead locker storage, then the average economy seat can sometimes be a tight fit. Checkout the charge for extra leg room, which for some carriers is not too expensive, or try to score an upgrade.

Comfy Clothes

You can often feel like a never-satisfied-Goldilocks when sat on a plane. Sometimes they are too hot, sometimes they are too cold, and generally they are never just right. So, how do you go about beating aircon blizzards and cabin sauna sweats? Lots of light layers is the answer, that way you can layer up or down depending on the conditions. Always pack a scarf which can act as a blanket, and although those compression socks may not rock any major trends, they are great at keeping feet warm and stopping them swell into something somewhat Hulk like.

We’d also recommend not picking fashion over comfort. If sweatpants are what it takes for you to get cosy and comfy, then pack a pair in your Jurni to change into as your fellow tight-jean-wearing flying companions shoot jealous looks your way.


Jurni is a new concept of a carry-on suitcase designed for the next generation of young connected travellers. With a quick access pop-out pod, a seat to rest on, in-line wheels to glide-along and flexible storage solutions.

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