How Do You Explore A City?

Cities are packed with a variety of things to do, see and try. In fact, city breaks offer so much that even the fussiest person can find something to pique their interest. Perhaps historical sites are your thing, or spotting famous landmarks from films, or maybe you like to hunt out the best version of a local dish?

Despite all this, exploring a city can sometimes feel a little unimaginative. We often end up in the same old tour spots as everybody else, or struggling to see all the sites on two feet, or sometimes we just yearn for something a little different.

The good news is you can mix it up on a city break, and we’ve got a few ideas for you.The only question that remains is how will your explore your chosen city?

Treasure Hunt

If you are heading off for a city break soon, take note that some clever people have come up with the idea of turning the city and its sites into one big game.

Having been given a clue to solve, head off to locate the answer by exploring the city. You’ll find yourself hunting in galleries, strolling down cobbled streets and drinking in tucked-away taverns to solve this mystery. Plus you have the flexibility to do this on your own or in a group. To unleash your inner Sherlock check out Hidden City and the City Hunt for starters.

On Your Bike

A lot of cities in Europe are bike friendly,  so much so that there are more bikes making the daily commute than there are cars. Not wanting to keep all the fun to themselves, bikes are made easily accessible to tourists wanting to see more of a city by using two wheels.

Head over to a city tourist site and you’re sure to find out information on where to rent a bike, potential tours and routes, and things to see along the way. Copenhagen and Amsterdam’s sites both offer great tips for getting around the cities on bike And the great thing about this healthy method of getting around a city is you can finally justify all the café cake pit stops you do along the way!

Ghost Town

When venturing out at night in a city it is generally to see sites lit up or to hang out with the locals. But we’re hazard a guess that graveyards by moonlight and local ghosts wasn’t quite what you had in mind. Bear with us on this one…

Where there’s a bit of history there will always be folklore, and those tall tales are as much part of a city as the buildings themselves. See Edinburgh castle in daylight, but when night comes follow your tour guide down into Edinburgh’s legendary underground city, and discover a dark history through the retelling of its haunted stories.

The Seg-Way

Segway'ing my way around Berlin... #berlin #citysegwaytours #brandenburggate

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If getting around on a bike is not your thing, but you still feel the need for speed on your city break, then consider a Segway tour. Not only will you be able to pack in many more sites, you’ll have great fun as you whizz around on your motorised chariot. Plus there is the added bonus of not having to soak your tired feet at the end of the day.

A quick search will reveal whether your city destination offers a segway tour. City Segway Tours covers cities in the USA and Europe, checkout Berlin’ s key sites such as the Bradenburg Gate and the Reichstag, or if you are jetting off to Rome take in the Colosseum and Roman Forum courtesy of Italy Segway Tours.

Music Tours 


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Many cities in the world are synonymous with a specific music sound - L.A.’s Sunset Strip for rock legends and Vienna’s operatic grandeur to name but a few. If you are a fan of music, there is always the option to stay at home and scroll through Spotify, alternatively delve into a city’s music history or hunt out the birthplace of your favourite bands. 

Don’t believe us? If you’re itching to visit New York, and your playlist is full of hip-hop, then we think Hush Tours will be right up your street. On this tour, led by hip-hop legends, you’ll learn about and partake in all aspects of hip-hop - yeah, that includes dancing too, plus see the important landmarks and check out where Biggie, Nas, and Jay-Z grew up.


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  • Jay Artale on

    The best way to explore a city is to get off the beaten track and wander down the back streets. This is the best place to find little independent shops and restaurants.

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