Celebrate Flip-Flop Day on 17th of June!

Ahh, the humble flip-flop…how we silently cheer at that unmistakable ‘flip-flop’ sound, marking the beginning of summer. It brings a smile to our face and a spring in our step, if not the odd stumble (see below). So, it is no wonder that some awesome people took it upon themselves to acknowledge this barely-there footwear with its own day. Flip-Flop Day was started in the USA by the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and has grown to be celebrated worldwide each year on the third of Friday of June.

There are those who bad mouth the flip-flop. Yeah, we’re looking at you Buzzfeed! But we’re here to set the record straight.

Don’t keep those feet prisoners any longer, kick off your shoes, wax those toes and remove any trace of sock fluff. It is officially Flip-Flop Day!


We knew you couldn’t resist being part of this awesome day. But, you are probably thinking ‘how do I celebrate Flip-Flop Day in style?’ Well have no fear, our team have been beavering away, leaving no flip unflopped to find out how you can make this day even better than it is already.


Ok, just to check we are on the same wave length. Flip-flops they are the ones with a flat sole, with the Y-shaped strap that goes between the first and second toes and around the sides of the foot. Loved by humans, and cats bizarrely, all around the world. Not to be confused with those toe-post-sandal imposters.

Now we’ve got the basics mastered, wow friends and family when you reel off these flip-flop facts: 

  1. Flips-flops are not the invention of Havaianas, in fact it appears they originate as early as 4,000 BC as seen in the ancient Egyptian murals. It would seem, that like the ubiquitous jean, some things just never go out of fashion.
  1. For a footwear that has been worn by people of many cultures throughout the world, it is unsurprising that flip-flops have more identities than Jason Bourne. The flip-flop is how it is mainly known in the UK and USA. In Australia they are known as thongs, not to be confused with what Sisqo was singing about way back in 2000. In New Zealand they are jandals, slops in South Africa, hawai chapel in India, and we particularly like the fact that in Hawaii they are known as slippers, as lets face it, they’re just as comfortable.
  1. The flip-flop name originates from the noise they make as they slap the ground when you walk. Probably making them not the best footwear for quiet spaces like the library, or when you want to sneak a mid-film toilet break at the cinema. On the other hand, they are good for wearing around people who are easily startled, as they will always be aware of you approaching.
  1. It isn’t hard to see why, but many artists over the years have been inspired by flip-flops. In fact, Country singer Lucas Hoge was so moved by flip-flops he wrote a song about them. Ok, we may have exaggerated the inspired bit, but flip-flops have featured in quite a few song lyrics, even Jay-Z in his ‘On to the Next One’ track referenced this humble footwear.


A good place to start with celebrating flip-flop day, is by wearing a pair. We’ve even found that some people love flip-flops so much that they dress up as one.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting you do this, but if you do, tag us in the pictures and we promise not to laugh... But, if that isn’t your thing, and you don’t have a pair lurking in the back of the wardrobe, here’s our top picks.


From the Brazilian label, opt for a pair Havaianas, who have been making flip-flops since 1962! You know your feet are in good hands with that kind of legacy. Get this beach print pair from Urban Outfitters.

Jack Wills

This brand has flip-flops in classic colours and prints. We dare you to opt for the bold red. Feet are to be seen not hidden on Flip-Flop Day!


If what you’ve seen is a bit too tame so far, look no further than Hype. They love bold colours and prints. They’ve even managed to squeeze coconuts, parrots and flowers onto these ones.


Cute bow flips-flops prove how versatile this footwear is. With these on, you can easily get away with showing this much foot at dinner.



We love the idea behind TOMS’ One for One project. For every pair of shoes you buy a pair of shoes are donated to someone in need. They make flip-flops for boys and girls, so do a good deed and get shopping.


If you could play Taylor Lautner’s foot double in a Twilight spin-off - no, that isn’t a leak, and yes we are referring to him in his werewolf state - then it is time to take some drastic action and get your feet summer ready!

We’ve found some great guides to getting your feet all shipshape, like these ones from the ReallyRee blogspot and the beauty department team. Basically it involves quite a bit of foot buffing, claw nail clipping, soaking, moisturising and if you want, a small paint job. If you like a bit of beauty DIY, then check out Estée Lalonde’s lovely homemade lemon and peppermint foot scrub video.


No, we’re not pulling your flip-flop adorned leg. Whether it is tripping over our own footwear, or suffering the someone-standing-on-the-back-of-your-flip-flop fall, our little flip-flop friends just seem to bring out our more clumsy sides.

If this is your first time walking in flip-flops or if it has just been a while, make sure you’ve read up on how to walk in flip flops.


If flip-flop day arrives and brings with it cold weather, then fear not. Wear Socks! Not your average socks, otherwise you are heading swiftly into the #flipflopfail arena. Toe socks are the answer.

Perhaps you’re not a fan of splitting your toes up, they’ve been together a long time after all, or maybe wearing one pair flip-flops isn’t enough. In which case these earrings will be right up your street.



When they are turned into amazing works of art and jewellery is the answer. These beautiful pieces, produced by Ocean Sole, are made by recycling the thousands and thousands of discarded flip-flops that get washed up onto the East African coast. By producing these pieces they are supporting the local communities, keeping the beaches clean, protecting marine life, and educating people and companies on waste. What a great way to celebrate Flip-Flop Day!

Remember flip-flops are not just for Flip-Flop Day, they can be worn all summer too. And, when you finally take them off, there will always be that awkward tan mark to remind you of the fun you’ve had together.

Wear your flip-flops with pride on Flip-Flop Day and tag us in your pictures! Plus pack your Jurni pod with some plasters for those first day blisters.

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