9 Of The World’s Unusual Places To Stay

Tired of hearing people talk about that little bijoux apartment right in the heart of the city, or the all-inclusive beach view hotel they booked? Ok, that doesn’t sound half-bad when you put it like that, but it can all get a little repetitive.

Our checklist for accommodation is probably letting us down. A list that no doubt looks a little like this, is it near the location, have access to the facilities I want, and get a good rating on Tripadvisor? Not amazingly inspiring. It’s no wonder we end up in very similar places for each destination, or with our holidays potentially resembling a @UncleTomCobley&All instagram account.

How about letting where you stay take up more of the limelight of your holiday? To help, we’ve searched high and low (quite literally - see below) for some of the world’s most unique and unusual offerings - check out our top 9 cool places to stay...

1) On wheels

Don’t panic, we’re not talking the caravan club holidays that your grandparents take! Because, when Canopy & Stars does accommodation with wheels, they do it with style. In fact, their wheeled alternative accommodation consists of retro Airstreamsgypsy caravans, shepherds huts and even renovated horse boxes all dotted throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

2) Beneath the stars 

This is the best what you can get when staying at glass igloo, view of the Northern Lights just from your bed! Photo: @valtterihirvonen

A photo posted by Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort (@kakslauttanen_arctic_resort) on

Rest your head and watch the best light show in the world, the northern lights. How? Located in a National Park in the wilderness of Finland, you’ll camp out in the glass igloos of Hotel Kakslauttanen. Book ahead, as this dream stay is only available from August to April, and you don’t want to miss out on being wrapped up all cosy under the clearest starry skies you’ve ever seen.

3) On ice

Finland’s next-door neighbour, Sweden, brings the snow indoors. Every November, ice from the frozen Torne river is fused with snow to remake an ice hotel with a new theme for each year. Guest get to sleep on a ice-bed, drink from ice-cups, sit on ice-chairs…you get the picture. Although, the IceHotel is not new news, the five month booking window each year has limited the chance in staying here. That’s why we’re excited to hear that November 2016 will see the launch of IceHotel 365, where the hotel will remain open all year!

4) Under the sea 

The Underwater Room, Pemba Island Tanzania #underwaterroom #unique #hotel #amazing

A photo posted by The Manta Resort (@themantaresort) on

A wise lobster once sang that wonderful things surround you, under the sea. So, it is no wonder that the the Manta Resort, in Tanzania built its very own underwater hotel room. Your floating accommodation has three levels, a landing deck with your lounge and bathroom, a roof terrace to act as your sun lounger/diving board, and finally your below-sea level bedroom, with 360˚ viewing of colourful sea life as well as a trumpet fish called Nick.

5) Up a tree 

Working here for the day...dreams #treehotel

A photo posted by davidledger (@davidledger) on

When treehouses and architects combine you get something quite beautiful, the Treehotel. Located in the pine forest around Harads, Sweden, there are six unique ‘treerooms’. But these are no ordinary treehouses, the Mirrorcube with its mirrored walls blends with its surroundings, the UFO is straight out of a sci-fi movie, and the Bird’s Nest’s exterior is exactly that but conceals it’s exclusive interior.

6) From great heights

This is no ordinary camping holiday. Waldseilgarten adventure resort in Bavaria has raised the bar, by taking tents to new heights, or in this case to the tops of trees. Using the same equipment climbers use to overnight on sheer rock faces, you can curl up on a fabric-covered platform suspended from a tree branch several metres above the ground, or if you are feeling really brave from a cliff face.

7) All at sea

Castles turned into hotels on land? They’re ten a penny. I bet you couldn’t find an ex-fort based out at sea as a hotel. That would be something really special. What’s that you say? You can?! No Man’s Fort in the Solent is a hotel! Combining quirky and historical, this Victorian-era fort. was originally built off the coast of Portsmouth to protect against attack from Napoleon III. It has since been turned into a luxury hotel with its own nightclub, hot tub and is only accessible by boat or helicopter - James Bond, eat your heart out.

8) Capsule bedroom  

This is happening. #capsuleinn #notusuallyclaustrophobic

A photo posted by Melissa Croom (@iammelcro) on

We’ve all heard of the perfect capsule wardrobe, but have you heard of the capsule hotel? If you are looking to explore your inner minimalist, then try Capsulevalue Kanda hotel in Tokyo. This rather popular concept in Japan, consists of capsule bedrooms stacked side by side and top of each other giving it all cool space-age vibe. Although, we’re inclined to think this accommodation is best saved for layovers or one-night bucket list stays, rather than long stays. 

9) With wildlife 

breakfast for three, please.

A photo posted by erinassman (@erinassman) on

Imagine staying somewhere surrounded by the wildlife you usually only see on a Attenborough programme. Choose your accommodation wisely, and you could get front row seats to your own wildlife show. Take Hippo Point, an exclusive wildlife estate sitting on a strip of land between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien, sees 1,200 resident animals roam the grounds, including zebra, gazelle and the clue is in the name…hippo. If you don’t mind sharing your breakfast, then stay at Giraffe Manor, where a herd of friendly resident giraffe poke their long necks through windows, at meal times in search for a treat.


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