10 Travel Accessories You Need on Your Next Trip

From must-have items to things you never knew you needed for travelling. We’ve done the hard work for you and shopped till we dropped to pick out some of the coolest travel accessories the internet has to offer.

All you’ll need to do is pack your Jurni* and keep these amazing items within easy reach.


The rubbery chicken or obligatory bread roll that flight attendants serve could put even the most adventurous eater off food. But you won't make the best flying companion if you're hungry.

Instead, make your seatmates jealous by packing delicious snacks. Try some gourmet sweets from Candy Kittens or mix-match healthy nibbles from Graze. Both offer sizes to share, if you feel inclined...


Want beauty items that work that little bit harder to earn a place in your suitcase? Then look no further than Lush to add to your travel beauty arsenal. Their ultrabalm is a one-stop moisturiser for all your…bits. And, you can pick up some of their amazing scents as a solid perfume, avoiding spills in your travel bag.


Unless you get lucky with an upgrade, for the mere mortals amongst us, in-flight comfort comes in the form of the perfect travel pillow and mask. We’re already feeling snoozy just from looking at this pillow and eye mask. With these in your bag, you’ll definitely avoid the embarrassment of hijacking a stranger’s shoulder for a nap.


Down the loo, off a mountain, into the sea. There’s a whole host of ways that our dear phones try to part company with us. Opt to splash out on these little phone lifesavers - the Explore phone case and a screen protector - and you’ll keep it looking stylish and good as new.



It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday vibe and find yourself sat on the plane in your summer gear. More experienced fliers know that plane temperatures fluctuate, so we suggest popping a few items into your hand luggage to combat this. Keep your toes cosy and make a statement with a pair of colourful socks. Block out Force 9 air conditioning gales by wrapping yourself up in this beautiful scarf.


There’s nothing worse than the pressure from a queue of travellers behind you while you hunt for documents at check-in. Or perhaps you are a serial bag checker…passport, currency, boarding pass? Keep all your important items to hand in this lovely pouch.

Avoid the carousel being the only place you see on your holiday by making your luggage stand out with this palm leaf label. Plus if your case ends up Florida when you’re in Florence, it’ll have your return address.


    When it comes to travel guides there is a lot to sift through, and much of it serves up the same tourist traps. To save you hours on Google, check out our favourites.

    Herb Lester has produced a range of cleverly edited city guides and maps, steering you away from the mainstream and wrapping them up in wonderful retro covers. Appealing to the design-led travellers out there are these guides from Petite Passport. If you prefer to explore on bike we’re loving the City Cycling series.


      When it comes to travelling we love the expression that “in order to connect, one must disconnect”. Nothing beats the age-old process of writing in a journal the things you’d like to remember. And for inspiring moments you need inspiring stationery.

      Jot your notes down in one of the handy pocket size notebooks from Mossery. To keep the mementos you collect from your travels safe use these quirky mushroom shaped clips. Also, check out the Bear Grylls of the pen world, the Fisher Zero Gravity pen which will write in any conditions.


      When faced with what to pack for the beach it’s a game of practical vs stylish. But with our picks there is no need for you to compromise.

      Obviously, you don’t want your nicer bags to get sandy at the beach, so a tote comes in handy. This canvas bag is the ideal size for a snacks, books and lotion, plus the cute illustration gets us in the mood for a beach party. After a dip in the sea you can’t beat Turkish towels that take up next to no space in your luggage and dry in seconds.


      If you want to live like a local, you have to try the local coffee. It’s the law. Ok, maybe it isn’t the law, but if you are anything like us you can’t start your day without a cup of tea or coffee.

      We’re fans of limiting our impact on the places we visit and we apply this to our drinks on the go. That’s why we’ll be packing the reusable and travel friendly KeepCup. It’s like a little bit of home came with you.


      *Haven’t pre-ordered your Jurni yet? Stop reading this post and check out the ultimate sit-on, carry-on suitcase.

      Hmmm, will the Jurni in cobalt blue, fusion pink, or magma red go best with your travel accessories?!

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