12 Travels Essentials with Elle Croft


Packing doesn't always have to be boring and stressful... and a simple thing like a list of essentials can solve all the problems! 
We love this list of 12 by A Bird in the Hand travel blogger Elle Croft and are very happy to see Jurni making the list.
"My specialty is travelling in style without excess baggage. I’m a packing expert, and I seek the most stylish things to see, do, eat and drink in any destination," says Elle.
Here are her essentials (read the full list on her blog):

1. Headphones

"I’m all about podcasts when I travel. Whether I’m waiting in an airport, miles in the air or trying to fall asleep in a new hotel, chances are I have my headphones on and am listening to one of my favourite podcasts." 

2. Phone

OK, it might be a little an obvious one but Ellie is right when she points out that phone isn’t just for Instagramming when you are on the adventure. "I use Twitter as a travel guide, calculate exchange rates with the XE Currency app, edit photos in VSCO, find my way around with Google Maps and, of course, WhatsApp envy-inducing pictures to my friends and family."


3. Hair Straightener 

"I used to laugh at girls who travelled with a straightener. I guess I should eat some humble pie because these days, I won’t go away without it. When I had long hair I could tame it easily, but now that it’s short, unless I want to wash and blow dry it every day (which I absolutely don’t), I need this bit of kit with me at all times." 


4. Sunglasses

"Even in a wintery destination, I still want my lovely Ray Bans with me. I have sensitive eyes so the slightest bit of glare has me reaching for my sunnies."

5. Denim Jacket 

"It literally goes with everything – I’m yet to find an outfit it can’t match – plus, it’s surprisingly warm and it doesn’t take up much room in my bag. Ideal."

6. Document Wallet

"Not only do I always know where my passport and documents are, but they’re kept safe from spills by the durable leather. Frequent travellers, you need one!"

7. Notebook

"As a blogger, it’s useful to take a notebook along, to jot down notes and ideas every evening before I go to bed."

8. Pen

"A surprising number of people travel without a pen. Not just handy for note-taking, you’ll need one of these for filling in landing cards on the plane before you reach your destination."

9. Luca's Papaw Ointment

"If I leave this at home for even a day I feel like my lips are dehydrating."

10. Red Lipstick

"I can be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but one swipe of red lippie and I feel like a million bucks." We totally agree!

11. Sunscreen

"Excuse me while I just turn into my mum for a moment... It’s important to remember to protect your skin. Having a tan is not worth the very real risks that come with exposure to dangerous UV rays."

12. Good quality carry on luggage

"It’s small, but provides ample space – I could fit my laptop in there, with my favourite magazine slotted in the elastic you can see on the left in the pic above. Also, the hard plastic meant my belongings were kept secure inside.
"I’m totally paranoid about putting my things in my hotel bedside table (tell me I’m not the only person who’s forgotten stuff in those things!) so my Jurni case made a great alternative once I’d added the shelf."

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