Jurni Travels to Mallorca with Mollie Bylett

 We love Mollie Bylett's blog - it's like a dose of sunshine that will uplift the greyest of days. 

"One day you're going to look back at your life, make sure you're going to smile and wish nothing more than that you could do it all over again," says Mollie on her About Me page. See what we mean?!

Mollie recently took a trip to Mallorca with her Jurni packed with hand luggage essentials. How did she get on?

"Can I just say before I begin... I've never had anyone compliment my suitcase before... ever," writes Mollie. "A suitcase is a suitcase right?! But last week, I took my black and blue infused Jurni on its first adventure to Mallorca, and I swear down, I had about 4 compliments on my case before i even got on the plane.
"'its so smart' 
'its looks like a lego suitcase' 
'where did you get it?' 
'i love your case!'"
"The sit on, glide on feature provides the comfort of your own seat, wherever you are and whatever queue you find yourself held up in. 
"It came to PERFECT use upon my return journey back to London. 
"First, at the gate, when the flight was delayed and all the waiting seats were full
And second at Passport Control when we met queues bigger than any i've ever seen. It's safe to say i think everyone in the queue wished they had a Jurni to perch on and rest their legs. A smug moment to say the least."
"Upon arrival in your destination, your Jurni can be switched into flexible storage mode to organise your items," says Mollie. "This was super handy to store my technology as I have so much of it and it usually ends up in a big mess that i have to rumage through before I find anything. This saved both time and stress when heading out on an adventure!"
Many thanks to Mollie for taking Jurni on one of her adventures. Don't forget to give Mollie some love and follow her on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram
Fancy winning a Jurni? Pop in into Mollie's blog and be a part of her competition :)

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