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You’d have to be living under a rock not to realise that festival season is here! Coachella practically set Instagram alight with its amazing photo coverage. 

We love the fact that festival wanderlust is not limited to just the rolling hills of the UK, but is very much global phenomenon, with many a folk packing their bags and heading abroad. And as we head further into the festival season, it looks like 2016 is jam packed with amazing line ups, ultra cool styled stages, and otherworldly costumes

No doubt you already have your outfit sorted, and been honing your braiding techniques since you saw Kate Bosworth rock this braid back in 2015. But, it doesn’t have to stop there. This is also the perfect time to experiment with colourful face paint and excessive glitter.

So, unless you are taking inspiration from Captain America: Civil War (team Captain all the way!) and opting for a superhero mask, we’ve got the stylish alternative. Check out our guide below to recreate some of our favourite festival face paint looks.


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Depending on what look you go for, the following items are the must-haves for your face painting make-up bag.

  1. Face paint palette in your chosen hues, and finish such as glitter
  2. Brushes in varying thickness. Opt for face painting brushes, those from your make up bag, or even art supplies - try this starter kit.
  3. Help your face paint stay longer by using a primer or a setting spray 

Don’t forget to take your make up remover or cleansing wipes too.

(Image via via Pinterest)


You’ve played noughts and crosses since you were knee high, but when it comes to painting lines and dots on your face, things can get a little tricky. Here’s our handy tips for skilling up your face painting technique.

For lines, pick a brush in the thickness you want to achieve. Saturate the brush with paint, and use a continuous sweep to create a line with no breaks. Alternatively, place guiding dots along where you want your line to go, and join these up.

To achieve the perfect dots, use the non brush end. Pick up a small amount of face paint, and press down firmly enough on your skin to ensure a full dot is created.

Use the back of your hand for practice runs until you get the feel for it.


Now you’ve got the basic mastered you can pick your design and get painting. Here’s our top three:


Get creative with some feature-framing geometric shapes, or take it to the next level like this video.

Try a line down your forehead, thin stripes around the corners of your eyes, or double lines over your cheeks. Style the lines up by surrounding them with tiny dots. For a boho vibe stick with earthy hues, or make it a bit edgier and modern by using brighter colours. 

Untitled(via Shelby Eaton, Flickr)


From flower crowns to floaty floral print dresses, the festival flower is firmly here to stay. 

Keep it simple with a white petalled daisy chain around the eyes, or cover the top half of your face with a flower design. For a more ombre effect, coat your brush in a base colour, dry the tip off on a towel, and dip it in your chosen hue creating a beautifully blended two tone - check out this guide

(Look via Pinterest)


Take inspiration from the stars that you’ll be dancing under and add some sparkle.

You probably don’t need much of an excuse to become a human glitter ball. However, for a subtler approach, we suggest patting loose glitter from temple to temple - dusting lids, the bridge of your nose and your cheek bones, creating an ethereal stardust mask. If stars are more your thing this how to video has you covered.

Victoria Donroe [2010]

                             ( Shae James via Flickr )

These designs are just for starters, the options are endless. Try out your favourite look at one of the upcoming festivals this year and share your pictures with us!

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