Jurni Takes a Trip to Copenhagen

Adventurer and animal lover Sam (aka Yoko Meshi) has taken Jurni on a trip to Copenhagen and blogged about how she got on. We're loving what she had to say about traveling Jurni-style...

"The Jurni was tested out on a four-day trip to Copenhagen where I only had one item of hand luggage to take everything I needed. Let me just say I am not the best at packing light and while it is something that I am trying to improve, I was surprised by how much the Jurni can actually hold while still being a compact case suitable to travel on all major airlines.

"Another feature of the Jurni which I really enjoyed was the ‘removable pod’ situated at the top of the case, I found this incredibly useful for storing my ‘go to’ travel items such as my passport, sunglasses, GoPro camera, and any thing I needed quick access to. As I mentioned this pod also easily pops out to use as a removable carry case, which I personally think will be brilliant on beach holidays, to keep your valuables dry and free from sand by the beach or pool. In Copenhagen, it was also incredibly handy to transport a Danish pastry all the way home from Denmark for my mum on her birthday haha."

We're loving the creative use for the Jurni Pod - a Danish pastry for your mum? Why not?!

Sam concludes with: "My favourite feature of Jurni has to be that the case also doubles up as a sturdy seat, with the ability to hold up to 100kg! Perfect for busy airports and trains. Impressed? Me too! The Jurni has very much become my choice on carry on luggage for short breaks and I am now fully understand the hype around the launch of this innovative new product."

Head over to the Yoko Meshi blog and you can enter a competition to win a Jurni of your colour choice plus accessories! Competition ends on 12th May 2016.

User Comment(s)

  • suzanna hudson on

    blue please

  • siobhan scott on

    Blue would be supercool so practical a jurni will certainly turn heads when travelling

  • Caroline Eagles on



    Pink would be awesome!

  • ELena DUnne on

    Blue! I would so love to win a jurni! Heading away soon and would love to take it with me!

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