Jurni travels to Northern Ireland

Becky Padmore who blogs over at Global Grasshopper has taken our Jurni on a trip to Northern Ireland and we're pretty thrilled that she loved its handy compartments and the unique design.

According to Becky, Jurni not only "does look good – in a bold, slightly futuristic way", but it’s also geared up to stow away your tech in handy compartments and even doubles as a seat.

"If you’re feeling a little playful then you can also have a glide round on it too – well waiting around for your flight can get a little dull sometimes!"

"At the top of the Jurni is splash proof, easy-to-access pod where we personally stored our iphone, passport and travel documents. This is the detachable bit so we were able to pop it out and keep it with us in our seats while the main luggage was stored in the hold."

Thanks to Becky for being one of the first travelers to check out Jurni. She has a Jurni to give away to one lucky winner too. To enter the competition simply head over to the Global Grasshopper blog and answer the question: What would you pack in your Jurni?

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