A Weekend in Paris with The Hostel Girl

Anyone who has ever spent any time travelling around hostels will probably be familiar with the feeling of having to live out of a suitcase. There's no denying that hosteling is a fantastic way to travel affordably and meet some really interesting people along the way. But if you miss having a wardrobe and the idea of rummaging around your suitcase every time you need to find something isn't exactly your cup of tea, then read on!

This week we've been chatting to travel pro and founder of The Hostel Girl, Katie Dawes, who took our Jurni suitcase on her recent adventure. Check out what she got up to on her weekend in Paris...

A Parisian Adventure with The Hostel Girl

One of my favourite budget ways to travel between my home in England and France is to take the overnight bus. Arriving in the city in the morning and leaving late at night gives so much more time to enjoy the day and I just love waking up in Paris…

The Jurni suitcase made it even easier to keep my essentials at hand. It’s so easy to just pop the pop-out pod and carry that on the bus whilst the main case goes underneath. And Victoria Coach station is always busy – but this time I had my very own seat!


Exploring Paris with #MyJurni

St Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord is one of the most popular hostels in Paris. I’ve met travellers over the years who have done nothing but rave about it, so as soon as I knew I would be visiting Paris I decided this was where i'd stay.

Check-in is at 2pm, but even though you can drop luggage off earlier than that the Jurni suitcase was so light and easy to carry with me that I didn’t even consider it. So it joined me to some of my favourite spots on the first day! 

St Christopher's is in a great location near the city centre, with some excellent facilities for travellers. One of my favourite little touches were the personal USB plugs in the POD style bunkbeds. They also each have their own built in light, which is really handy if you're sharing a room. And as you can see, I also had my own handy little shelf in my Jurni to organise my toiletries from my clothes! 

As you can see in the photos, the Jurni made my hostel trip so much more sophisticated! Usually I waste time rummaging through duffel bags, backpacks and suitcases trying to find what I need, but the adjustable shelf and extra storage in the door made life so easy in Paris. I packed it, rolled it, rode on it and sat on it more times than I’d like to admit and most of all… loved it! In fact, as this post goes live I will be heading off to Amsterdam with it for another weekend city break!

Now it’s your turn! Head over to The Hostel Girl website now to read more about my parisian adventure and enter a competition to win your own Jurni Suitcase.

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