Travelling the World on a Budget

If you've ever dreamed of travelling the world, but you don't have thousands of pounds just sitting in your bank account waiting to fund your adventures, then read on...

This week, we've been chatting with Neil Barnes, founder of Backpacks and Bunkbeds, a budget travel blog all about exploring the world on a shoestring. He's been addicted to travel ever since he graduated from Uni and he has been backpacking, volunteering and road-tripping all over the globe! 

Since Neil is a bit of a hosteling pro, we thought we'd challenge him to take our Jurni suitcase along for the ride on his recent Irish adventure, to see how it compared to hauling a backpack around. 

We have to be honest, we were pretty impressed by how tidily he packed his suitcase...


Scrabbling around at the bottom of a rucksack to try and find your wallet is always a massive pain, so the Jurni pop out Pod is the perfect alternative for keeping all your essentials nice and close. The fact that it's water-resitant is another bonus, so no worries about getting stuck at customs with a water logged passport!

One thing you definitely won't have to worry about with Jurni is being stuck without a seat...

If you want to find out what Neil got up to on his Jurni Irish travel challenge, and read about some of his top tips for places to visit and things to do in Ireland (all on a budget of course), just head over to the Backpacks and Bunkbeds blog! 

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